Commissions are closed until further notice! I'm so sorry for the inconvenience! Stay tuned via my social medias or check back here for updates and openings in the future! Thanks for a great commission year this 2016!

*Payments must be made within 24 hours of the commission being accepted. Holding spots is not an option, I'm afraid!

If you'd like to commission me, please e-mail me at

If I don't have room, I'll ask you if you'd like to be added to my wait list and will get back to you when I am able!

Thank you so much for your interest in commissioning me!

  • Original Characters, Fanart, and Portraits (which will be in my cartoon style, not realistically rendered).
  • Gijinkas/humanization and outfit/costume design/redesigns are highly encouraged! These are things I enjoy drawing, and draw often!
  • Cute, sexy pinups.
  • I will draw furries, but discourage long snouted characters, as I am not used to drawing these things and worry I wouldn't be able to do it very well. Humans are my forte- but characters with animal ears and tails are absolutely fine too!

  • Pornographic and overtly sexual scenes. Romance is totally fine, but I'd like to steer clear of genitals. Breasts are fine as long as it's not obnoxious and fetishy.
  • Fetishes. I'm used to drawing feet, and enjoy doing so, but nothing abundantly geared towards the fetish realm. Along with fetishes; no inflation, unrealistically huge individuals, vore, pregnancy (I'll happily draw a normal pregnant character, just nothing that sexualizes the pregnancy), hypnotization, or breasts the size of cruise liners.
  • Gore, violence, and hate art.
  • Mechs, cars, cityscapes.

I only accept payments via Paypal.

If you have an account, just use the 'Send Money' option and send to - please wait for us to complete the order, quote and all, before you send anything!

Please add a note with your name and e-mail you contacted me with so I know who you are!

I do not post all commissions publicly.

I may use the art you've commissioned me on business cards, banners, websites, or portfolio- All non profit uses. Credit will also be given upon posting if possible. I would never sell pieces including your original characters without properly consulting you first.

I may however sell fanart commissions at conventions or from my print shop.

NONE of my commissions I do are for anything other than personal use. You may use them as icons, banners, and re post them to your social medias- so long as you give credit or link back to me here or to the original image. You may also print at your own leisure, put it on a bag, cell phone case, wedding/gift cards- whatever you'd like- so long as it's for non profit, and solely for your own personal enjoyment or a gift.

To discuss hiring me for games, comics, and design- please contact me at

I require contracts before entering into large projects. Royalties will be mandatory for any merchandising agreement.

Thank you so much for your interest!